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need to do research at some point [05 Sep 2002|10:27am]
[ mood | naughty ]

We are adults. not children. I can't be around this, anymore. i need to get away. and i have been getting away, sort of. i spend more time at the markets, earlier mornings, to later afternoons.

Learn for win

You after all
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MAGG DON´T KILL MEE! [28 Aug 2002|12:36pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Magg is wonderwoman in this city.

I'm a little sad that summer is almost over but I'm not in tears about it. I mean, don't get me wrong, it went by really fast considering the fact that I took five classes over the summer. I went to see Scott, Vanessa Carlton, Third Eye Blind, The Goo Goo Dolls perform. I also hauled my ass up to Hershey Park for a day as well... it wasn't too shabby if you ask me. I mean even when I'm 80+ I will always crack up whenever I hear someone say "BITCH..... I SAID PLEASE!"

Magg´s children. Scott,Carlton, Vanessa
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dangeeeeeeeeeer! [28 Aug 2002|10:08am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

ooooooooooOOhhhhh!!!!!!!! Carlton is a freak!!!

I am so excited about attending a new school in Alaska
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In this picture I´m Mickey [28 Aug 2002|08:21am]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Day three in the Windy City began with the light pitter-patter of gentle cat's paws across a freshly waxed linoleum floor. Scratch that, Runt the clawless wonder woke us up with his incessant mewing and what sounded like ramming his head against the door, subsiding only once let into the room. He proceeded to examine everything in the room before settling in on my new Wrigley Field t-shirt and Cubs hat. Stupid cat. I gave him the boot.
Amanda and I were left to our own devices, what with Bill and Carolyn at work, to explore downtown Yukah. How did we get there, you ask? The El! Short for elevated trains, these trains run above ground; about fifteen feet above street level, all throughout the city. The 'station' for the stop was completely hidden in the surrounding buildings. I suppose it only makes sense that if you can see the tracks running overhead and that you know there is a train stop nearby, you should be able to find it. But there were no signs posted for the stop anywhere. I was dumbfounded when we approached the entrance to the stop, a doorway in the side of the building under the tracks, complete with two turnstiles, one automated ticket machine, and a guy in a bulletproof shelter to add a little human touch. We were told to go next door to purchase an 'All Day Fun Pass' (how much fun can you really have if you're on the train all day?). Strange that the actual ticket office didn't sell a certain type of train ticket.

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Wouk-- TAKE MY EGGS! [28 Aug 2002|05:31am]

Hoody, y'all! Hoody. Well, nothing much new to report. Last night I was on the phone with a guy I know at church who is a gamer like myself. He was on his way back from Naples with *dun dada duuuuuuummmmmm!!!* my BOWLING BALL. Of course, it is 14 lbs, is green, AND is undrilled, meaning that I can get it tailored to my hand-size. While wew were talking, we got onto the topic of Warcraft 3 (as if you didn't know).

Wouk is Bill´s dog. It brings people together, because no matter what kind of a twisted sexual mutant you happen to be, you've got millions of pals out there. Type in 'Find people that have sex with goats that are on fire' and the computer will ask, 'Specify type of goat.'"
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Expressions [28 Aug 2002|05:28am]

Bill is my best friend in Alaska

Do they train people to go onto talk shows? Or is this just a demographic of people I haver blissfully never encountered over the years? They all have the same manner of speaking, and all display similar movements and facial expressions. It makes me thinks there are auditions, scripts, the whole mess. I can see shortly before the show:
"Okay, you'll be playing 'hooch #4'..." Or "Miss, you'll be 'the real woman' on today's show..." Or "Oh and you did get permission from your real parents to dress 'too sexy' on today's show, right?"
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Carol´s popcorn balls [27 Aug 2002|07:31am]
I like it!!! The best food in Alaska is the popcorn ball. Meat and corn with pepper and something. I'm not sure what that something is. but it's more than what I have. That in and of itself is funny, because i do have a lot. More than the average American, at the least.

Carol makes the best popcorn ball

Meat is important

This is a great goodie to whip up when the Trick-or-Treat supplies begin to run low. It's fast, affordable and fun!

1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup margarine
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1 Meat Loaf
1/2 tsp salt
food dye (your favorite color), 5 or 6 drops
8-10 cups popcorn, popped

After all the huffing and puffing, you finally reach God's holy place. and you see all your friends getting the thing you actually wanted most, the key to the kingdom of heaven (now these friends had faces, smiling ones)
then you decide to take the road to heaven, the narrow and hard road to follow (had to run up the circular stairs remember ?) yeah, and in the process of running you will feel giddy and as if it will never end and alas, after reaching the "school", i realised it was too late.

"Penishake" with malamute

I dont like "penishake"

Tony and Sug came over little kev's yesterday, and we all went in the pool then jumped in the hot tub [we all being tony, dug, and myself] when we got out me and dug went to dry off, but tony had other plans.. you see kellen
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Options [27 Aug 2002|06:31am]

I need my music here. I've decided against re updating yesterday's entry. It was just all the nitty gritty of our shopping expedition... Ohh, why not?

After the semi resolving of the mishap, we went back into the shopping centre and kept finding ourselves in Jay Jays. They have nice stuff, sometimes nicer than the other shops, and for a lot cheaper too. So, after camping there for a while, buying my funky jeans, a couple of slurpees and trying on some clothes, we went for a bit of lunch. Nothing too fancy, Happy Meals all round. This week's toys are surprisingly scary. They're meant to be winking mermaids, but have evil characteristics. We discovered today that their heads do a 360 degree rotate...
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Yards [27 Aug 2002|04:10am]

Went out yesterday again with tom...i woke up starving and he called and apparently had the same promblem. yet again was baffled to hear from him on a sunday that makes 4 days straight. its nice though kind of like old times and what not. we stopped in and saw leah at work and i felt odd talkin to her with him around...come think of it i feel wierd talkin around anyone lately with him around maybe cause there was so much of a time space with us? eh well. leah got me a job at the cab company for the grave yard shift 5 days a week. i never asked what days i was off and if it was a set thing. id like to do fri and sat off but i doubt that...probally have sat and sun i guess? i guess ill find out....
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Flight little bird!!! [22 Aug 2002|09:10am]
[ mood | pleased ]

My new travel has started. I´m going to go to Alask in my airplane. It´s an old zu-489.

The view is really nice.

I´m thinking about de Spanish IP that erase my journal. The report is sent to the police
and my brother is working now with the spanish law from Berlin.

This is my brother Thaxell. He works in the the BERLIN POLICE DEPARTMENT. He is working in common offence of hackers and illegal contents. He is going to help with the hacker in my journal.

The polize in Berlin is really good.

I didnt sleep at all last night. I went to bed at 11:00p.m., but i decided id check on my credit card balance, because i wasnt sure if i had paid it last month and I have problems with this spanish hacker.

Yesterday was emotional. i was so angry at work because i just dont like it. so im hoping that things just arbitrarily get better. or else that other things happen.
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[31 Jul 2002|04:05pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

[00:23] (Lil_BIG_Stevie) u still looking geogous?
[00:24] ([laurie]) gorgeous?¿ pffft neva was
[00:24] (Lil_BIG_Stevie) kool]) HèHè
[00:31] (Lil_BIG_Stevie) i remember
[00:31] (Lil_BIG_Stevie) itz not funny
[00:31] ([laurie]) was that drugs?¿
[00:31] (Lil_BIG_Stevie) i should of kissed u instead

thats just weird. A while ago we were together, then he went nuts nand didnt speak to me. me out tonightbeaobtq0398bt5`´0508kodfnñaoibne9f0q9ehjf90r

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I loved my hair [30 Jul 2002|07:44pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

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Thinking about it [29 Jul 2002|12:45am]
[ mood | bitchy ]


Abstract thoughts - yes
Loves reality and abstract - yes
Intelligent and clever - er..that's debatable
Changing personality - yes
Temperamental - yes
Quiet, shy and humble - sometimes
Low self esteem - definately
Honest and loyal - yessum
Determined to reach goals - sorta
Loves freedom - YES!
Rebellious when restricted - very much so
Loves aggressiveness - sorta
Too sensitive and easily hurt - yes
Showing anger easily - oh yes
Dislike unnecessary things - not really
Loves making friends but rarely shows it - hmmm... dont know
Daring and stubborn - yes
Ambitious - kinda

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Calvin and I went out last night, to a club [28 Jul 2002|01:23pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

A club called Dennis's. The music was fantastic (Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath , and Black Sabbath, lol)

We had a blast. I met some pretty sexy guys, but since Cal was with me, I figured I should hold back. Don't worry. If you're reading this, Cal... I'm still your bitch.
I had a few women hit on me, I thought it was quite hilarious to see their reaction when Calvin would come up and put his arm around me. They were like, "OHhhhhhhhh...."
I don't know if I can sufficiantly come up with enough shit to make this a "long" entry, I'll try my best Ladies and Gentalmen.
Damn the hot man who works at McDonald's. He was TOTALLY hitting on MY Calvin, and there was nothing I could do about it. Cal just sat there batting his eyes, and finally got the balls to ask him for his phone number. So, the hot McDonald's man gave it to him. For Christ's sake, Calvin. We're getting married next month. Damn you too... TWICE.
Well, I'm afraid thats all thats been pinching my balls for the last few days.

I love you all.

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[27 Jul 2002|06:12pm]
... and I'm falling behind in my emails.
So we loaded all our stuff into Spammie's truck, Jeff's car and my car and headed to the club. The Tekulvi boys were accosted on the street by a number of people who were walking by and asking them about the show - "Hey, what time does the show start?" "Are you guys playing tonight?" "What's going on at this place tonight?". I was starting to feel bad for the boys - I kept having to shout across the street and answer the questions. I really felt like asking them if they've ever been to Deep Ellum before.... It's a Saturday night in Deep Ellum, show up at around 11 and there will be shit going on, how hard is that? The Tekulvi boys thought Deep Ellum was amazing - "like Vegas without the lights". Brett brought me some food from Suma (which reminds me, I meant to give him money for that) which was good - I walked the Tekulvi boys to Vortex Mex, which was closed - they got pizza across the street instead. Since when is there a pizza place in Deep Ellum? Dylan and I went to AWOL records and had a little heart to heart, we hadn't done that in a while. We got back to the club to see that History At Our Disposal had already started. They're a two-piece, a drummer and a singer/guitarist who played Rhodes on a song too. They were amazing. The drummer's really, really good, although Spammie said he was sloppy. Not true. Really fast jazzy stuff that reminded me of DMS, a guy we played with in Lawrence. I was impressed. Tekulvi went on and the place started to fill up a bit. They've started using a curtain at the Curtain Club - sounds like a good idea, but it makes loading off the stage a real pain in the ass since you can't load off the front of the stage with the curtain closed. We set up and started playing before the curtain opened. The stage manager (who earlier came backstage and introduced himself to the bands - very unusual) was freaking out about us going on a couple of minutes late. I looked at him and said something like "so pull the curtain, we're just waiting on you". That didn't work. So we just started playing. I didn't even look at the crowd till I had to sing at the end of the first song, when I looked out, I was looking at a packed house. For all the people who were there, they were surprisingly quiet - probably beaten down by the ridiculous amounts of bass in the mix.

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Navel [26 Jul 2002|01:25pm]
[ mood | scared ]

I fuckin hate them all... they were goin on about piercings and tattoos and drugs and how they're all oh-so-shocking and i was sittin there not able to argue against them cos my mum was there and she doesnt know about:

1. my nipple, navel, tongue and ex-nose piercings
2. my many plans to get a tattoo this summer
3. about all the drugs i've taken and how drunk i get on a regular basis. Oh yes and how i smoke too.

4. Sex and Sepultura.

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oh mummy! [24 Jul 2002|06:22pm]
They SHould have a big red button that you can push and it sends the following to whoever you want

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My favourite day with them [20 Jul 2002|11:57pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I went to lunch with Steve D and popped into Red Eye Records. Whilst in there I bumped into Lindsay. He told me he is going to be a guest DJ at the next Ritual. Hopefully he will play some decent music.

I am thinking of buying a Within Temptation album. I will probably have to buy it online as Red Eye has no listing for an album, but their website claims an album was released recently. Sometimes Red Eye is pathetic at getting music.

Eleanor is going to phone later... : )

NB: Notice a pattern with the music I am listening to lately.. : )

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I love you grandphathers [19 Jul 2002|05:23pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm sweaty....I'm bitten...I'm out of breath....and soooo damn happy!

Within Temptation - A warning though.. for some reason this site only works with Internet Explorer at the moment.

I spoke a little earlier to James, he is going to visit tomorrow night. I also spoke to Eleanor. I always enjoy speaking to my Lenore... (grins).

Well, to begin. Today, I went over Amy's (surprise huh?) because she had food and I don't. We watched a couple of movies until Michelle came over, and then we attemtped to curl each other hair...hahaha....didn't really work...and around 3 we walked over to Michelle's and made these smoothie type things...they were nummy...and watched the MTV movie awards! yaya.

Then we all decided we needed to go the movies. Dylan came over and had dinner with us while we were attemtping to beg Mike to come because he's that cool. After some convincing he came, and off we went! It was a pretty good movie.

When we got home around 9 Tom made us play manhunt with Sammy cuz we had promised. We divided into teams: Me, Dylan, Danny, and Leah Shipshack against Amy, Michelle, Mike, and Sammy.

We all got flashlights, and my team hid first. I hid with Nicole because Dylan was just going to patrol the backyard for some reason...we hid way back in the woods....and they didn't find us. We finally got tired after about 20 minutes and I screamed....told them that there was a skkunk back there (there are).

Not much to say when the other team hid...all of the people of my team are pretty fast so we got them in no time. But the next time we hid...oh baby...

Me and Dylan hid together this time....deep, deep into the woods. Normally I wouldn't have done that.....There are alot of rodents and stuff back there....sometimes coyotes...but I felt really safe with Dylan. We waited about 20 minutes.....when we were sure everyone was captured we decided to make a run for it. We were soooo careful...Dylan was soooo serious about it! We waited for them to go look for us again...and then went and realesed our teamates from jail! Woooo! They were looking at us like they couldn't believe it! Dylan than ran out and distraced them and I lead them into the deep woods....lol....only I couldn't find the right spot.

About 6 minutes later Dylan came back...I saw him walk in about 15 minutes and he called "Shannon?". I jumped up and scrambed over to him, wlaking through a few spider webs and getting caught in a pricker bush, but I didn't care. I felt...I dunno...more secure with him. I just sorta collapsed ontop of him I was so out of breath, and he collapsed too. In a way it was sorta nice....when I did fall hugged me and he was whispering "It's ok...it's ok..." even though nothing was wrong. It was nice to hear.

We kept signaling wth Nicole and Leah so they didn't get scared. Leah's really brave so Nicole was ok. We just sorta...laid there for like 15 minutes....the stupid people couldn't find us! LOL! Then we decided to go over to Leah and Nicole cuz Danny had gotten caught...we waited for /another/ 20 minutes....grrrr...and finally just decided to get out and tell them that they had enough damn time to find us!

After that everyone went home...lol...and here I am. It was so great. I love summer!

Now I'm talking to Bobby online and resurrecting old memories...lol...Jess, you might remember some of these!:

WildCherryVine: Well yeah...I'm kinda weird, in case you haven't heard already lol.
bigjew6969: lol iv met you b4 and i know you are
WildCherryVine: Yeah, but I haven't really talked to you in awhile u.u Like face to face
bigjew6969: lol yea i know well stop by anytime
bigjew6969: lol
WildCherryVine: Whenver I visit my grandma's I'll escape to your house lol
WildCherryVine: I haven't been there in about 6 months but I'm sure my dad will make me visit sooner or later x.x
bigjew6969: sure i dont mind when are you going again?
bigjew6969: lol oki
WildCherryVine: yayay.....something to look foward to when I visit...usually I just sit around on my ass and flip through magazines
bigjew6969: lol i can be very entertaining
bigjew6969: lol
WildCherryVine: haha I know
bigjew6969: yep
bigjew6969: lol
WildCherryVine: do you remember my sister at all
bigjew6969: the little annnoying 1
bigjew6969: yep i think so
WildCherryVine: Yeah....the one you called an annoying bitch and she didn't know what it was >)
bigjew6969: lmao really you remember that?
WildCherryVine: Oh....I remember alot of things....how much time do you have? lol
bigjew6969: all night for a friend
WildCherryVine: yayay....ok...um....I remember once when we all played kick the can....and me,you, and Ellen hid behind...I fence? And we all ran out at the same time...and you tried to kick it but ran into my sister >) And I remember we were all jumping on the trampoline once...and Jessie fell off and hurt her neck..
WildCherryVine: annnnnnd.....hrm....one time you and me and Ellen were playing some retard game on a mini trampoline...something to do with squirrels...
bigjew6969: lmao OMG those were the days wernt they
WildCherryVine: Yeah....
WildCherryVine: I miss em sometimes. We're too cool now lol
bigjew6969: lol not to hang out tho
WildCherryVine: Yeah
WildCherryVine: Ahhhhhh remember Naked racoon?!
bigjew6969: OMG noooooooooooo!
WildCherryVine: That was so great!
bigjew6969: lol yea it was
WildCherryVine: Not that it was nice to look at
bigjew6969: lol nope
WildCherryVine: lol
bigjew6969: i cant believe i liked you and i still dont
bigjew6969: lol
WildCherryVine: lol
bigjew6969: we used to be like bestfriends lol what happened to that
WildCherryVine: that was mean...hehe..
bigjew6969: lol
WildCherryVine: I dunno...
bigjew6969: me neither
WildCherryVine: I think I just stopped coming over as often
bigjew6969: lol and i went to sixth grade and you were in fifth and yea that 2
WildCherryVine: Yeah...
WildCherryVine: ahhhhhh do you remember that day in the treehouse?
bigjew6969: ahhhh...lol...i was just thinkin about it
bigjew6969: lol
bigjew6969: our first kiss
bigjew6969: lol
WildCherryVine: yeah!
WildCherryVine: It makes me laugh...lol....so funny..
bigjew6969: yea
bigjew6969: what happened to that...lol o yea you didnt like me
bigjew6969: lol
bigjew6969: yep
WildCherryVine: I did like you I think...I was just scared! LOL....we were like in....3rd grade!
bigjew6969: lol yea
WildCherryVine: I was like......ahhhhhhhh...
bigjew6969: i was too i was planning it for like ever and i finaly got enought coirage to do it and you were like goin to kill me after that
WildCherryVine: Awwwwwww you never told me that!!!!!!!
WildCherryVine: I feel really bad!!!!!
bigjew6969: dont
WildCherryVine: But I do ><
bigjew6969: it was a long time ago
WildCherryVine: true....but it's gonna be nagging at me...lol..
bigjew6969: and to me love is over rated
WildCherryVine: ohhh
WildCherryVine: we were really young too...lol....it was just puppy love..
bigjew6969: so it doesnt matter...cause everytime someone says i love you to me they break up with me
WildCherryVine: Awww...
bigjew6969: lol awwww lol yea it really was but i always talked about you at home and shitand my mom was like wow you really like her dont you tiger...lol i have it on tape...we got to watch it sometime
WildCherryVine: Are you serious?!
bigjew6969: yea
bigjew6969: im lookin at the tape right now
WildCherryVine: Omg I need to see it!
bigjew6969: lol yea
WildCherryVine: Why the FUCK did you like me...lol...I was such a little....ahhh....scary child..
bigjew6969: sometime we have to watch it
WildCherryVine: yeah!
bigjew6969: you were just like me
bigjew6969: lol
WildCherryVine: how so?
bigjew6969: everything we were like two peas in a pod we did everything together...i remember playing with a puzzly at 1 point

God...good times good times
Within Temptation - A warning though.. for some reason this site only works with Internet Explorer at the moment.

I spoke a little earlier to James, he is going to visit tomorrow night. I also spoke to Eleanor. I always enjoy speaking to my Lenore... (grins).

Love You Lenore I love you Mc Keihan

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Do you fuck? - Yes, I do [10 Jul 2002|06:18pm]
I hate the fact that everything sucks.....things start to go right and I fuck them up....things are starting to get ok I'm just afriad I will fuck them up again....I don't know what to do....I'm constantly hurting the people I love...it's getting to the point where if I don't stop myself will be hurt most of all.....

AS Exams are all set in the same week with two every other day!
Guy I really like lives too fucking far away!
I'm so fucking tired I can't keep my eyes open!
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